Letter: Red Cross funds raised here, stay here

Funds raised for this area stay in this area and will help to build and sustain the disaster operations centre…

To the editor:

Our Canadian news has been filled with a myriad of disasters occurring in the past few weeks. From the Alberta floods, to the train derailment in Quebec, to the recent apartment fires in Kelowna and the tanker truck overturn in the Kooteneys, many individuals have found themselves in horrendous situations. Throughout these disasters there has been one recurring thread—The Red Cross has been present to support those in need.

When individuals and families are required to evacuate it is often without time to contemplate what to bring, precious family photos, vital medications, even such important identification pieces such as passports can be forgotten. For some Kelowna residents recenly, Red Cross was for many, the lifeline to shelter, food, clothing and hope [after apartment fires].

All too often we forget just how vulnerable we are and despite all the warnings and reminders we just do not take the time to prepare properly for a small or large scale disaster—until it is on us. Thankfully there is an organization, well recognized by both name and symbol, whose trusted, hardworking volunteers and staff do plan for the unanticipated crisis which threaten our very lives.

The Canadian Red Cross serves us nationally, provincially and locally by mobilizing the power of humanity to help the most vulnerable in their time of need. To do this, the Red Cross calls for volunteers, trains and supports these volunteers and fund-raises on various levels. In this area, the Red Cross, which serves an area the size of Interior Health, requires a local disaster operations centre and, to date it has raised over half of a $3-million goal. Funds raised for this area stay in this area and will help to build and sustain the disaster operations centre, will help to increase the inventory of equipment required and provide the training and education programs urgently needed in this community.

Your personal and corporate support will help us all be ready—step up and join hands with Red Cross.  Please visit the Red Cross, Building for Humanity Campaign webpage www.redcross.ca/buildingforhumanity to learn more or to make a financial contribution.

Anna Hunt-Binkley,

campaign chair


Sharon Shepherd,

honorary campaign chair



Kelowna Capital News