Letter: Refinery way to make pipeline more palatable

It looks like we taxpayers funded an expensive feasibility study…

To the editor:

Now we have Jim Shepard promoting the Liberal pipe-dream of the Kitimat oil refinery concept to refine Northern Gateway Pipeline product. (http://www.bclocalnews.com/opinion/201984181.html?mobile=true)

This is the same (insider, former personal policy adviser) Jim Shepard, volunteering as Christy Clark’s pit-bully orchestrating all the multi-million dollar personal attack ads on radio and TV against the NDP.

You know those nauseating dumb ads that cause you to change the station/channel immediately. They have had the opposite results actually increased the NDP’s ratings.

We were led to believe that millionaire B.C. businessman David Black was researching the feasibility of such a refinery. Well, it looks like we taxpayers funded an expensive feasibility study paid for through the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training. The study was done by a California firm Navigant Consulting Inc., is titled Review of the Proposed Kitimat Refinery Project, Technical Assessment and Asian Supply/Demand Analysis. Black didn’t get where he is by being stupid.

The Liberals are trying to hype this as another big Utopian lotto like LNG, then we can all hold debt-free hands and sing kumbaya.

It’s in a very preliminary research stage with no identified supply or market and the odds of it proceeding appear slim, hope and prayer.

Mr. Black’s financing through the Oppenheimer Investments Group appears mysterious, and since it’s being used as an election issue, demands transparency.

The NDP indicate it’s another desperate Liberal PR stunt that Rich Coleman is being willingly duped in promising jobs by promoting this.

It appears the B.C. Liberals are grasping at straws trying to get some traction for the election

Roland Seguin,


Editor’s note: David Black is the owner of the Kelowna Capital News.



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