Letter: Rising national debt should upset Canadian taxpayers

It is a good thing we make good beer to drown our memories.

To the editor:

What the heck is going on?  Canada buys four “no good” submarines from the UK, boats that the UK navy did not want to put in service, and we spend close to $2 billion purchasing and doing work to make them float and usable.

To date, not one of the four is in service or usable. If you consider we spent close to the same amount of taxpayers’ money on a failed gun control and registration, the few hundred million dollars we are “wasting” on our Senate may seem quite small by comparison.

Now, India wants nuclear submarines and have already had their first accident and casualties. Germany makes new submarines and will sell them to anyone with the dollars to pay. I believe Israel bought a few some years ago.

But we had to buy “used” from Britain? It is all so confusing.

With this crazy spending by Ottawa—wasting our tax money on gun control, old used submarines and run-away senate spending—I just don’t understand why Canadian taxpayers are not rioting in the streets?

We Canadians, we just sit quiet and take this.

The national debt is already our  grandchildren’s responsibly since we old farts won’t live long enough to see it paid off.

It is a good thing we make good beer to drown our memories.

Jorgen Hansen,



Kelowna Capital News