Letter: Scientists: Admit to creative intelligence

Scientists should have the humility and guts to admit that there exists “intelligence,” that is incomprehensible.

Open letter to Sir David Attenborough:

Your documentaries are awe-inspiring. But your recent statement that: “We are a plague on the Earth” is really alarming. I have read with amusement and sadness, that there are still some self-righteous people who want you to burn in hell, for being an agnostic and not giving God credit for his creation.

I understand your doubts and reasoning that, a loving benevolent God couldn’t possibly create a worm in Africa that can only live by burrowing through a child’s eyeball, etc. But the belief in a loving-benevolent God is a man-made concept and had to lead to disappointment and rejection of such an assumption.

For Darwin it must have been a courageous step, from the comfort of Biblical creation to suggest evolution. Had he lived longer, or today, he might have proposed ‘creavolution,’ as it describes adequately what Richard Dawkins said: “natural selection is a cumulative process” and: “Darwin teaches us to seek out graded ramps of slowly increasing complexity, as flowers use a bribe of food, like nectar.”

Does this not suggest that there is an inherent creative power, in all organisms which select, seek, bribe and appear when planetary condition are right? This is something that will never be found under a microscope, or in a billion dollar experiment, as it is intangible and invisible like the you and I, and the source of everything.

If all atomic stuff were removed from our body, there would be nothing left of us to look at.

The president of the American Atheists, David Silverman, said that Attenborough’s revelation of being an agnostic, “does not damage the atheist community,” and agrees with Dawkins that physical evidence of God is the necessary catalyst. “Now if God shows himself to me, just as if Santa Claus shows himself to me, I won’t be an atheist.”

And Dawkins wrote: “If he existed and chose to reveal it, God himself could clinch the argument noisily and unequivocally in his favour.”

How can anybody take these two people seriously, with their juvenile arguments?

Have you ever thought what inferior physical creatures we humans are, compared to the animals, some of which have—in addition to their five senses—ultrasound, heat-seeking, magnetic star and sun navigation abilities, and who knows what other senses? The only thing we have ahead of the animals is a slightly bigger brain, which, sadly, is primarily used for money making and deception, at our peril.

Well, 10,000 scientists are the exception, as some have spent four decades in trying to figure out how the universe had its beginning, with the Big Bang, through experiments at the Hadron Collider in CERN. In 2012 there was big excitement with the apparent discovery of the Higgs boson, or God particle, which was supposed to change everything. But to more than 99 per cent of the world’s inhabitants it means absolutely nothing.

You know what would really change the world and the way we think? If scientists would have the humility and guts to admit that there exists “intelligence,” that is more incomprehensible than the you and I. Because, they have spent some hundred million hours with math and experiments with the biggest machine* ever built, studying something all atheists-evolutionists consider ‘an accident.’ (*Google LHC images and be amazed.)

Gunther Ostermann,



Kelowna Capital News