Letter: Senior in care loses right to visit own home alone

Recently, an eldery friend of mine was moved to an assisted living facility in Rutland.

To the editor:

Recently, an eldery friend of mine was moved to an assisted living facility in Rutland. The individual (a long time friend of hers for 25 years) who felt it necessary to have her placed, did so out of love and concern as it had begun to appear that this individual was not managing on her own in such a big house.

What ensued, though, we certainly did not anticipate.

To make a long story short, the public trustee ended up becoming involved (although I had always been ready, willing and prepared to step in, and they knew that, as did the manager of the facility my friend is in). Although I fully understand their position, this has managed to cause nothing but undue stress to my friend.

One needs to understand that since the public trustee’s involvement, my friend has basically been locked out of her own home and can visit her property only when escorted by someone whom she does not know.

My friend is not permitted to be accompanied on her ‘home visits’ by either of the two people who have been continuously caring for her since her move to the assisted living facility, namely myself and the person who saw to the placement.

However, here is the most disgusting part of all of this which demonstrates what can happen when an elderly person is in a vulnerable position. My friend has had her couch and chair removed from her home, along with some other items. The individual(s) who held the keys to my friend’s house and who therefore had access to her house whenever they wanted, are suspect, in my opinion.

I want to send a message to the person(s) who believe that it would never be noticed that missing items would never be noticed. First of all, I know where those items were before they went missing and I also know who came in to my friend’s house after I was there.

I also want you to know this: Either return the items or I will be following up not only with your superiors but also with the police.

I am sick and tired of seniors being taken advantage of at every turn, especially by individuals who have been put in a place of trust to, apparently, look after their best interests.

None of this would have had happened if the woman I had spoken to at the very start of this mess had not lied to me and blown me off by telling me that there was absolutely no way that I would be permitted to become my friend’s trustee. Her job, at the very least, was to inform me of the process I would have to follow.

Being uninformed about the process of applying as trustee at that time, I naively believed this person.

I have since then contacted her superior and, although he said he would look into this and get back to me, he has not (it’s been several months). I want them to know that I have not forgotten nor am I going away. I want the ‘thief/theives’ to take a good look at themselves because you are nothing but low lifes.

Linda MacGillivray



Kelowna Capital News