Letter: Seniors being forced into much smaller space

Re: Relocation of Water Street Seniors’ Centre

Open letter to Mayor Shepherd and Council:

Re: Relocation of Water Street Seniors’ Centre

I ask Kelowna City Council to consider, caringly, the way in which its senior citizens are being treated in the above stated matter.

Going back a while, we were asked to relinquish the lovely lakeshore location of the Water Street Seniors’ Centre in order that more park space might be created and that the Kelowna Yacht Club might expand, thus giving a private club more space for a membership, and not available to the public.

We senior citizens enjoyed the location and the facilities at the Water Street Centre but were assured that a new building to replace the centre would, in no way, be inferior to the one we were asked to vacate.

You will know from other letters addressing this matter and from your own comparisons of square footage between the two buildings that the Parkinson Recreation Centre proposal in no way matches what is being taken away.

At the WSSC we have a private kitchen, dedicated parking and a large room, which accommodates Saturday bridge often attended by three sections of 10 tables each.  This involves 121 people who have to be in one room. Last Saturday we hoped that some council members would visit us and see for themselves that we filled the big room and spilled over into two smaller adjacent spaces.

Also, lacking in the proposed plans for the PRC relocation is an area of dedicated parking and you probably know that when functions of other groups occur on a Saturday, parking space can be hard to find at the recreation centre.

Please reconsider the PRC addition now being offered to us. Either enlarge it appreciably and restrict its use to seniors, providing adequate space for the activities we enjoy or start again and find a new downtown relocation site.

Mary Blumer,



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