Letter: Smart meters may be cause of some house fires

Saskatchewan has recalled all the province’s smart meters after multiple fires…

To the editor:

It’s a shame that Fortis BC has not even blinked at the findings of the government of Saskatchewan that smart meters are causing fires. Saskatchewan has since recalled all the province’s smart meters after multiple fires, and the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta has placed a moratorium on any future smart meters.

The spin doctors working for BC Hydro and other utilities are explaining this away as being due to a particular meter manufacturer; however, smart meter fires have been reported all over the world and with virtually no difference in the manufacturers.

BC Hydro has done a good job of covering up fires being caused by their meters since they have been installed over the last few years. Just recently, a responding firefighter told CHEK news in Langford B.C. (Sooke Lake) that the hydro meter was on fire when they responded to a house fire call. BC Hydro has since denied the meter was the cause.

Hardly surprising.

With Fortis BC about to install smart meters in Kelowna, can we expect the same spin if and when the installations result in house fires? Fortis BC should do like Medicine Hat and institute a moratorium.

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Maurice Jules,



Kelowna Capital News