Letter: So much to think about while taking a walk

Poor quality paving, daytime running lights, Alberta licence plates.

To the editor:

Why are the roads in Kelowna that are really full of big potholes the ones that have been paved in the last 10 years?

Busy streets like Richter which have old pavement are holding up very well while KLO and the strip of Benvoulin from Cooper to Springfield are a mess. Maybe the city should ask for a warranty from these low cost contractors.

Why do 10 per cent of the vehicles on B.C. roads have no daytime running lights? They have been required in Canada since 1989, including imported vehicles. Perhaps the B.C. government should enforce Transport Canada rules. It is just safer.

Why do so many Kelowna residents have all their vehicles with Alberta plates? I guess this one is obvious—hey pay way less than our overpriced ICBC. But what happens when one is in an accident? Will their private insurer cover them when they find they live here? Is that why we are paying extra for “underinsured motorist protection,” so that these scofflaws get a free pass?

It seems I have too much time to think when I go for a walk.

Bruce Stevenson, Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News