Letter: Staff can’t find parking, what about shoppers?

If we do not serve visiting shoppers with parking amenities downtown…shopping centres with free parking will be the benefactors.

Open letter to Kelowna city council:

Re: Downtown Parking.

I own a small business downtown near our public Library. There is no on-site parking for staff, so I arranged to pay for ‘reserved’ parking at the nearby Library Parkade. We need five stalls for our staff, so different cars are there on different days. If we had reserved parking stalls, all would be well.

As it is, my staff is required to search for a stall. That’s right. Nothing is reserved. If the Kelowna Court House is busy, no stalls are available when staff arrive for work. After searching through five levels with no success, they have to exit the parkade and search for other parking. What a waste of time, gasoline, and patience. At least when there was a parking attendant at the parkade, they would close the parkade when it had reached capacity and no one had to drive up and then drive down.

Now it seems the city will finally upgrade Ellis Street. Some of the plans include wider sidewalks and 22 fewer parking spaces. Yes, they will be enlarging the Library Parkade, along with more retail on the west side of Ellis Street.

Also, the new Technology Centre and Interior Health Authority offices will possibly require up to 1,000 parking spaces for staff and clientele.

Will there be an upgrade in transit services? I believe the Yacht Club will also require parking stalls for public use of the dining facilities. Current parking is being removed to allow for a further extension of Stuart Park.

Shoppers come to Kelowna from throughout the Okanagan and further afield. If we do not serve these visitors with parking amenities downtown, it would seem that shopping centres with free parking will be the benefactors of council’s decisions.

We can’t all walk or ride bikes to shop downtown. Can you rethink some of your ideas?





M. F. Wort,



Kelowna Capital News