Letter: Still doing business with renegade Putin

The cost has been great. Ukraine has lost almost 400 young soldiers in this battle to protect Ukraine, over 1,200 have been injured.

To the editor:

I must respond to Monika Hudecova’s recent letter regarding the war in Ukraine. (No Such Thing As A Winning Side in Any War, July 24 Capital News.)

First, the war in Ukraine could be over this afternoon if Mr. Putin would remove his troops from Ukraine and stop firing shells from Russia into Ukrainian territories.

Everyone is now aware of Russia’s shooting down of the Malasian airliner, but what they may not be aware of is that two of Ukraine’s aircraft have been downed since that tragedy, and two aircraft before.

The Ukrainian president did not call eastern Ukrainian subhuman parasites, but Putin’s men who are continuing to display barbaric behaviour in the cities they occupy.  The world has seen them take down a civilian aircraft and brag about it on social media. There are pictures of Russian “rebels” looting the crash site, stealing rings and other items from the bodies. Families of the victims have received phone calls from phones stolen from the crash site. One young lady today on social media was bragging that she had mascara from the aircraft remains. What would you call people who do this?

The Russian terrorists are slowly being pushed back to where they belong, Russia. The cost has been great. Ukraine has lost almost 400 young soldiers in this battle to protect Ukraine, over 1,200 have been injured.

The reason the job is more difficult is because these “rebels” set up shop in schools and hospitals. They use the population as human shields. Last week 11 people were killed in a drive-by shooting. When the people went to administer and retrieve the bodies, the “rebels” told them to leave the bodies there until the Russian media appeared.

Today in Luhansk, a recently freed city, Ukrainian forces have opened mass graves of victims of the Russian occupation.  The peoples of Luhansk, and Donetsk are fed up with Putin’s minions and want them to go home, as do the peoples of Crimea. No, land has not been given to Ukrainian soldiers. This is more Russian propaganda.

How have western media covered these events?

I would agree not well. Our media still want to give Russia the benefit of the doubt and do ‘balanced’ reports. They listen to Russian propaganda and include it in their reports.

Recently many reporters have left RT (Russia Today). This is the Kremlin’s voice in America. The reporters cited being forced to do biased and outright false reporting slanted toward Mr. Putin’s war. They refused to do it and quit.

Mr. Putin has just passed a law in Russia that private media stations not be allowed to take in advertising. This means they will not be able to function. What is left? Official government supported media. Russia is quickly moving toward a totalitarian state and making its neighbours very nervous.

No wonder all of Russia’s neighbours want to be part of the European Union and NATO.  They know they could be overrun by Russian forces in no time at all. Even countries like Japan are concerned. A lady of Japanese heritage asked me: “If The West has broken its promise to help Ukraine will they also break their promise to help us?”

Good question! When Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal, Russia, the USA and Great Britain all promised to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine. They all broke their promises.

Now Russian has invaded Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

The USA and Britain have basically sat on their hands, offering very little but a few ineffective sanctions.

The Ukrainian president asked for help. He said: “If your neighbours’s house was on fire would you not at least lend him your hose?”

The West continues to do business with Putin.  We are willing to sell our ideals of freedom and democracy, to make a dollar.

France is about to deliver two state-of-the-art helicopter attack ships to Russia. Where would Russia use this war machine?  On its neighbours, of course. Britain also continues to send weapons and military supplies to Russia.

Ms. Hudecova indicates she is not happy with Western countries and NATO  support for Ukraine. Perhaps she should be made aware that 95 per cent of the UN condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The only ones supporting Putin’s position are countries like Cuba and North Korea. That pretty much says it all. Birds of a feather flock together!

For more information on the war in Ukraine may I suggest one Googles “Kyiv Post.”  It is full of reports from all over the world on that situation. Make up your own mind.

Peter Bihun,



Kelowna Capital News