Letter: Student leads KSS into global campaign

This is a really impactful event and KSS is the first school in the Okanagan Valley to host it.

To the editor:

I am organizing a Write for Rights at my school. Write for Rights is a global campaign of not only supporting people in their fight for human rights and demanding justice for them but also an awareness campaign about injustices and political situations around the world.

I hope to encourage everyone to come out and write a letter or post card, sign a petition or already written card for human rights.

There are also online petitions that are quick and easy to sign.

This whole campaign is really effective, in one-third of the cases of unlawfully imprisoned people where Amnesty International has stepped in and letters were written the prisoners were freed.

For the KSS event: Opening of Write for Rights is Dec. 10 on Human Rights Day, but it will continue until Thursday.

There is one booth in the foyer and one in the library where all materials and information needed to write a letter or postcard for the protection of human rights will be available.

There will be three cases to choose from, so three situations where human rights were violated and Amnesty International has done extensive research to make sure they are legitimate claims.

Anyone who writes a letter can, if they like, provide their e-mail or personal information so that Amnesty International can get back to them about the case they chose to support (if the detainee was released, etc.).

Here is the informational link from Amnesty International’s  website http://www.amnesty.ca/write-for-rights. There is also a Facebook group: KSS Write for Rights.

This event is important to me because my parents grew up in the GDR (the former East Germany), where many people who raised their voice for human rights became prisoners of conscience.

I feel privileged to be living in Canada where we can protest, raise awareness and debate issues and write letters.

Using words to make a stand seems like the most peaceful option for me and has proven to be effective.

My goal with this event is to empower not only students but the community around Kelowna Secondary School by writing letters that might free leaders who have taken a stand for human rights and help communities that have suffered from human rights injustices.

This is a really impactful event and KSS is the first school in the Okanagan Valley to host it.

Pauline Schrott,

Grade 12 student

Kelowna Secondary School


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