Letter: Supporter for Kelowna-Lake Country candidate

Norah's campaign is not really a 'campaign' per se, but a continuation of her community support.

To the editor:

As a life-long Green Party member I was overjoyed to hear of Norah Bowman’s acclamation to be the federal candidate for the NDP in Kelowna-Lake Country. As a Green member that cares about people as much as the environment, I know that Norah is the best possible candidate for our riding. With a dedicated background in advocacy for social and environmental justice, Norah has 100 per cent of my support.

Norah is also my best friend and life-partner. She continues to impress and inspire me daily. Watching her be the best kind of mother, listening to her presentations at conferences and forums, seeing the days, hours, weeks of her time that she volunteers to support the people of our community, I am reminded daily of the fact that Norah is this riding’s best choice for a government with vision; a vision of a fair Canada, a caring Canada.

Norah’s campaign is not really a ‘campaign’ per se, but a continuation of her community support. Long before she was ever approached by the NDP, Norah was working to promote the rights of those often overlooked by a system out of touch with the needs of the people.

I am often humbled by Norah’s reverence for inclusiveness and compassion. Her actions and values have created the community leader that she is, not a political desire to gain power, nor simply to replace one conservative for another.

Norah sees a Canada that is respectful and respected internally and will work to regain that same respect we once had internationally.

I am thankful that I get to be a part of this much-needed positive change.

Texas Constantine, Kelowna


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