Letter: Take care of our own dogs before taking America’s

The Okanagan Small Dog Rescue Society…take their adoptable dogs to [local pet stores] for people to see and make application for adoption.

To the editor:

Paws it Forward held an adopt-a-thon on Feb. 9. While they should be commended for their rescue of dogs in need, I think rescuing dogs from California should be of concern.

We do not have a problem in the Okanagan with heart worm in our dogs.

It is a vig problem in California, and these dogs could be responsible for bringing it and other diseases not native to B.C. here. I do not think we should risk the health of our dogs when there is an abundance of dogs surrendered for many reasons and also a great number of puppy mill dogs in B.C. looking for homes.

Rescue groups in the U.S. are doing a great job of rescuing California dogs.

The Okanagan Small Dog Rescue Society is a non profit organization run by volunteers since 2003. They take their adoptable dogs to Pet Smart and Total Pet for people to see and make application for adoption.

All dogs are vet checked, spayed or neutered and receive a dental if needed and any others concerns are looked after.

These are all B.C. dogs needing homes.

June Dawe,



Kelowna Capital News