Letter: Terminology called disrespectful

It might be alright to use such a term (anti-abortion) in private, but I feel it is definitely not appropriate to be in print.

To the editor:

A news story on page A5 of the Capital News edition of Sept. 17 featured a story about the City of Kelowna refuses to grant a Right to Life Proclamation.

I wanted to clarify a few parts of your story that I feel are incorrect.

First, in the sixth paragraph of the story, the group is referred to anti-abortion.

This may seem derogatory for those in the group who consider themselves pro-life.

You would never call a Native American an Indian, nor an African American a Negro, so using such a name for this group seems to be showing low-class on the part of the writer and editorial team at Capital News.

It might be alright to use such a term in a private conversation, but I feel it is definitely not appropriate to be in print.

In the second to last paragraph, while discussing the annual Protect Human Life Week events, it is written that the group holds a  protest where hundreds of the group’s supporters line a local street and link arms.

In all the years I have seen this event, the silent protesters are never linking arms.

They stand on Harvey Avenue and hold signs for over an hour trying to bring attention to what is going on all over Canada.

I can see how you would be confused regarding this as they call it a “life chain.”

Most of us don’t realize that there is no law to protect the unborn, we don’t know that a partially born baby at full-term is still legally allowed to be killed.

Respect for human life is lacking on all sides.

All life needs to be upheld as something precious. I would never want my children exposed to the graphic images portrayed recently in front of KSS.

There may be a time and place for such displays, but in front of a school is definitely not appropriate, no matter how true the statement may be.

I hope we can all learn a bit more respect, whether its to the woman holding a pro-life sign on the street, the old man in front of KGH on Tuesday mornings, or even to the young woman who is recovering from an abortion. We are all humans in need of love and respect.

Candace Broekema,



Kelowna Capital News