Letter: Thank-you for coming to my rescue

Letter: Thank-you for coming to my rescue

Kelowna letter-writer says a good samaratan did everything he could to help her

To the editor:

In late January I fell on the concrete in front of Gyro Beach, went into shock and was unable to get up.

Fortunately for me a strong young man came to my rescue, helped this old lady up, drove me to the hospital and wheeled me into KGH emergency. He didn’t give his last name so I am unable to reward him.

But, Ryan, I am forever thankful for your great kindness that day. I believe angels sometimes appear in human form. My good fortune continued with my treatment through emergency, x-ray, orthopedic surgery, and on the ward.

Even though KGH was overly busy at the time, everyone there was just great. Thanks to all you wonderful people.

Irene Bowman, Kelowna

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