Letter: The latest ode to Trump and his affiliates

One Kelowna reader is writing a timely poem

To the editor:

In my Feb. 11, letter to the Capital News, I rewrote Leonard Cohen’s iconic song, Everybody Knows, for Trump times. I added more verses in my May 26, 2018 letter.

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To date, I’ve written more than 80 verses, but what follows are the latest ten.

The first two verses refer to far-right American political pundits Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity, who seem to wield so much power that they are, in effect, Trump’s co-presidents.

Everybody knows he’s afraid of Limbaugh

Everybody knows he’s afraid of Ann

Everybody knows the Soviet Union

Was right to invade Afghanistan

Everybody knows female power he dislikes

Refers to the shutdown as a strike

Press briefing stunts show

What everybody knows

Everybody knows he’s afraid of Laura

Everybody knows he’s afraid of Sean

Everybody knows southern border customs

Stopped only six from a list they were on

Everybody knows the fake crisis is a truth reversal

How many lies in his White House infomercial

Disinfo show

Everybody knows

Everybody knows that he threw a tantrum

Everybody knows he left saying bye-bye

Everybody knows Paul shared polling data

With Konstantin Kilimnik on the sly

Everybody knows you can enjoy a day

At the zoo because walls work so great

Workers in limbo

Everybody knows

Everybody knows Republican toadies

Everybody knows they refuse to speak

Everybody knows the FBI inquiry

A shutdown means the president is weak

Everybody knows he lacks an empathy gene

Are small hands of a Russian asset clean

Fundraised off his show

Everybody knows

Everybody knows that it’s time to calm down

Everybody knows he’s enjoying the ride

Everybody knows the interpreter’s notes

Were taken because he has nothing to hide

Everybody knows that the buck now stops

With everybody but him because he’s tops

Once proud to own

Everybody knows

Everybody knows he’s holding workers hostage

Everybody knows he’s a hostage to his base

Everybody knows the clear and present danger

Can continuously lie with a straight face

Everybody knows he’s President Petty

Hamberders is the new covfefe

Enquiring minds know

What everybody knows

Everybody knows Rudi moves the goalposts

Everybody knows Twitler’s deals are the best

Everybody knows that Senator Romney

Got a failing grade on his first Russia test

Everybody knows Mueller is dauntless

Did Trump tell Cohen to lie to Congress

The shutdown slows

Everybody knows

Everybody knows the art of the no deal

Everybody knows reasons for a wall are fake

Everybody knows MLK’s son slammed Pence

Trump loves cruelty for cruelty’s sake

Everybody knows the pro-Russia GOP

Senate leader McConnell takes a knee

His servitude shows

Everybody knows

Everybody knows tapes were heard by Rudi

Everybody knows there’s a lot to ponder

Everybody knows Trump’s social media

Alters photos to make his fingers longer

Everybody knows he and Giuliani

Have threatened Michael Cohen’s family

Intimidation grows

Everybody knows

Everybody knows the state of the disunion

Everybody knows more reasons to impeach

Everybody knows his nickname for Nancy

He conducts foreign policy through tweet

Everybody knows his shutdown is a mess

Air traffic controllers are under more stress

Safety concerns grow

Everybody knows

David Buckna


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