Letter: Time to end criminality of using marijuana

I’m a firm believer in the legalization of marijuana in today’s society.

To the editor:

Re: Marcia Lawrence’s letter in the Capital News, July 5, War On Drugs Good Use of Tax Dollars.

I’m a firm believer in the legalization of marijuana in today’s society.

I’m 55 and no, I do not use it.

But there is something inherently wrong with a country that constitutes the criminality of it to a percentage of users, jailing them for possession, yet, allowing others, the license to grow for medical purposes.

I daresay some health authorities recognize the benefits of this natural drug—natural when grown legally.

As in all things in our world there is positive and a negative, a yin and yang.

What is wrong with that picture? Create criminals on one hand for using marijuana, license use of the drug on the other hand.

I am a certified alcohol and drug counsellor, a recovering addict and an occasional drinker.

I won’t get into the health risks and costs of the very legal activity of alcohol use and abuse.

I know many folks who indulge in marijuana.

For varying reasons, I can say that some benefits of marijuana for medical purposes are far better,  with fewer side effects, than prescription drugs that are currently being handed out like candy by doctors.

This summer is the beginning of the referendum process and papers have been filed at BC Elections for the legalization of marijuana.

September is the start of the 90-day countdown to obtain 10 per cent of the voting population’s signatures.

Please take the time to cast your vote.

The folks I know who smoke marijuana or eat marijuana-laced cookies are not criminals.

Teena Troock,



Kelowna Capital News