Letter: Tougher penalties for repeat offenders would help police

The police and politicians want to blame anybody but themselves.

To the editor:

I agree with Jennifer Smith’s column of July 26 regarding the latest crime statistics for Kelowna.

The police and politicians want to blame anybody but themselves.

On any given day you can see the following happen without consequence:

• Cars travelling over 90 km/h down Benvoulin Road

• Motorcycles running straight pipes and riders with beanie helmets

• Boats running under Bennett Bridge at full speed.

While all this goes on, you can also see 20 to 30 police cars sitting idle on Doyle Avenue.

Jennifer is quite right about reporting a theft.

The RCMP clerk will give you a file number so you can make a claim. No officer will ever attend.

I would think that at least getting some fingerprints would help build a case history against the chronic offenders.

I’m sure it is very frustrating for police to make an arrest after working for months to provide the extensive evidence needed, only to have the crook back on the street in three months. That issue falls squarely in the lap of our happy little tribe of Liberals who should bring in a law with mandated minimum sentences for repeat offenders.

I urge everyone to contact their MLA to work on this during the next 10 months they have off after sitting in the legislature for two weeks.

Bruce Stevenson,



Kelowna Capital News