Letter: Tree slaughter in the name of the Lord has got to stop

Have ya ever looked behind after an “environmental fundraiser” has finished? Pretty telling of the real story.

To the editor:

Soon the annual Willow Park Church “Living Nativity Scene,” a three-day event, will be up and running for the enjoyment of the general public and self-aggrandizement of the church and it’s flock.

And just as soon, a righteous parishioner, possibly a naive citizen and/or perhaps the local media will, in all likelihood, wish to glorify another uninvestigated piece of glitz and glitter.  Why? because it is in the name of the Lord. Has any body, including me, ever asked themselves: Where do they get all those trees from? Are they real or are they artificial?

I live on Philpott Road in Joe Rich and this past Sunday (Nov. 24), while out for a walk enjoying Gods living, breathing wondrous creations, I came across a group of young men in the process of slaughtering more than 70 living, breathing trees, all for the entertainment of people “in the name of the Lord.”

The boys were very polite, they even had the appropriate “permit” from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (Okanagan Shuswap District) and they said they were doing nothing wrong or illegal.

While in a legal sense that may be true, right and wrong, legally and morally are not necessarily the same thing. At the time they may have been correct but what they were doing, according to the permit, if they even read it, is very questionable. (As far as we could tell they were following the BC Hydro Guidelines that were on the second page of the permit, they were not following the Ministry guidelines that were provided as a website address on the first page of the permit) We are checking with the ministry to verify our suspicions.

You may be asking yourself, what’s this guy’s problem?.

Well, one, this is a three-day event (three friggin’ days!) and it takes those trees (at the size they cut them) 20 years or more to grow (20 friggin’ years!)—for what?  Entertainment?

Two, these trees are the property of all the citizens of B.C. and, having been planted at their expense, are for their financial benefit when harvested.

Three, the residents of the posted Sensitive Watershed Area do not cut living trees themselves to celebrate Christmas, we use artificial trees because we consider ourselves stewards of our front yards and back yards (it’s all around us). How would you like it if I came into your yard to chop down trees and dispose of my Starbuck’s/Tim Hortens coffee cups, McDonald’s/Wendy’s/Burger King’s burger/fry wrappers? Not to mention beer bottles and cans by the dozen—townie concepts and commitment to caring for and saving the environment—typical.

Have ya ever looked behind you after an “environmental fundraiser” has finished?  Pretty telling of the real story.

John B. Collinson



Kelowna Capital News