Letter: Ukraine needs to figure out its own problems

Our politicians are so concerned about appeasement…they forget about history, and in so doing force us to repeat it…

To the editor:

I have been following the crisis in the Ukraine with extreme concern—it seems like déjà vu.

The vision of former British Prime Minister (1937-1940), Neville Chamberlain, stepping off a plane waving a Treaty signed by Adolph Hitler, exclaiming: “Peace in our time,” keeps coming to mind when I hear the continuous rhetoric spewed by western politicians who apparently lack the intestinal fortitude and genitalia to actually “do” something.

Vladimir Putin and his cronies must be rolling in the aisles when they hear grandiose statements like: “There will be consequences.”

Hahahaha. Sort of like the consequences after the Syrian gas attacks?

It would seem the people of Ukraine can expect about as much help as the people of Rwanda and Syria received—they’re most likely on their own.

As with everything at home, our politicians are so concerned about appeasement to the detriment of our own economy and equality (the “status” of all) they forget about history, and in so doing force us to repeat it again and again.

We don’t need the UN to do something, there is NATO, so, for Christ sake, “do” something to help these people find their own path to freedom and democracy. (Maybe we could do a little work in that regard here on the home front at the same time.)

Get the influences outside of their borders and allow the citizens of that country to figure things out for themselves without pressure and influence from the outside—even if it means Civil War.

John B. Collinson,



Kelowna Capital News