Letter: Unable to find info on election

Has anything been sent to individual addresses? Could it be sent with our property tax notices

To the editor:

To whomever organize elections, or wants to improve participation with electorates.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that city or municipal election information and timing is not reaching most people. Why does it occur in mid November? I am a snowbird, like a large percentage of people in this area. AGM meetings for strata owners have had the same problems until we make them change their budget year. We have no control on choosing winter months, the timing is the same.

Receiving information, to know who is letting their names stand or their qualifications is not coming through to most of us.

I have lived here for more than 20 years, was never able to vote, but have voted all my life for federal and provincial elections.

Personally, I don’t know how many people are needed to form our city council, nor how many for school boards, nor how many districts within the city or other areas.  Why? Has anything been sent to individual addresses? Could it be sent with our property tax notices, let us know how things are organized, give us information.

I’ve heard complaints about lack of interest—is it not clear: Your timing for elections, is off, inability to pre-vote, unable to know ahead what will take place, (can’t vote on things you do not know). We are not getting information on what choices we have nor the plan of what is to be done.

Getting information in our mass communication is not reaching people who don’t use computers, iPhones, local Kelowna TV. I have satellite, so I get Vancouver not Kelowna. If you don’t buy newspaper, you don’t get local news.

How much do we know about elections in Kelowna? Nothing. Many citizens are gone before it happens, ready to leave when candidates are still filing in.

Time to make changes. The kindergarten students might know more or as much as we do.

Lucienne Epp,