Letter: US citizens coming to proselytize in Okanagan

It’s bad enough when local religious groups make their neighbourhood stops…but when these naive kids arrive…it makes me angry.

To the editor:

It seems that running into a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints is becoming common occurrence here in Kelowna.

In the last month alone I have encountered six members from the Mormon religion who are here to proselytize from the USA. All six are were young Americans boys and girls between 18 and 22 years old who proudly wore name tags labelled sister or elder, and spend their days ‘inviting’ anyone who will listen to share in the word.

It’s bad enough when local religious groups make their neighbourhood stops to promote their ideas just as I’m about to sit down for a nice lunch, but when these naive kids arrive from another country, to spread their ideas here, it makes me angry.

If its OK to come to Canada on a tourist/volunteer visa with the intention to proselytize, then imagine how we may react if religious groups funded from Islamic nations came to Canada with the same intention. Would we be so accommodating?

The Internet and TV news is screaming out to us about what is wrong with the intentional dissemination of religious fundamentalism. Why can’t we be more definitive when we speak to these young impressionable minds and let them know that their ideas are not welcome. That exporting unfounded ideologies to other nations and peoples is wrong.

You need only watch a recent documentary titled ‘God Loves Uganda’ to see how the export of American religious fundamentalism causes more harm than good.

The next time that we meet these young ambassadors from beyond our borders, we should not simply wave them away; but should engage them, and demand that they show evidence for the wild claims in their sacred book, or leave our country immediately.

Saverio Sasso,



Kelowna Capital News