Letter: Vote, not like lemmings but agents of change

Letter writer Jack Bradcoe's solution to not vote illustrates apathy not the anger I think he feels.

To the editor:

Jack Bradcoe’s letter: B.C. Voters Compared To Aimless Lemmings (April 2 Capital News), is correct in one respect. We all know our mental state if we continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

But his solution to not vote illustrates apathy not the anger I think he feels. It is only by marking our ballot that we can indicate what our wishes are.

I have voted in every election, and that’s quite a few of them, because I had uncles who fought a war to give me the right to do so.

I very much agree that I have not always felt strongly toward the person I voted for. He or she was simply better than the alternative. At one polling station I asked how I could indicate there was no one I wished to vote for. The answer was: “spoil your ballot.”

To my thinking, that put my IQ in the category of a shoe size. How difficult is it to mark an X in a box?

There are many things that can be done instead of staying home and wringing our hands.

Get involved: Talk to your MP, advocate for more openness, protest when you feel you’ve been wronged.

And something I’d like to see—an extra box on the ballot which states: “None of the above,” or “I have no confidence that any of these candidates are able to govern.” Then everyone can run to the polls, not like lemmings but someone who desires change.

Ken Loomes, Westbank



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