Letter: West Kelowna spending needs priorities set

Along the Old Okanagan Hwy, from Butt Road to Reece Road there is almost no street lighting.

To the editor:

When dealing with our household budget, we need to take care of the basic necessities that ensure the safe running of our homes.

Our priorities seem slightly skewed. There was plenty of money to “floodlight” part of the Glenrosa Road for the protection of deer crossing the road, just North of Gorman’s Mill.

I am sure that Brown Road has some needs that come under the “safety” category but there are other more urgent streets in need.

For example, along the Old Okanagan Hwy, from Butt Road to Reece Road there is almost no street lighting. The lighting that is there is old, inefficient and needs replacing. That part of the Old Okanagan Hwy is a total hazard at night. It is a black hole, especially as oncoming vehicles with their headlights on effectively “blind” drivers to the existence of foot traffic and cyclists.

Time and time again I have driven along that portion of the road, always cognisant of its dangers and wondering why nothing has been done to solve the problem.  A few years ago, a pedestrian was killed in poor light conditions. Last night the only sign of an approaching cyclist was the reflectors on the bike pedals (Yes, I know that safety lights and helmets should be worn by cyclists as they can see vehicles, but we can’t see them)

District of West Kelowna, please take note. Winter approaches and it is time to do something about the lighting on The Old Okanagan Hwy before we have another injury or fatality. There is an existing electricity supply to the old lights that could be used to upgrade the system. Surely it’s not rocket science.

As the Old Okanagan Hwy section in question, forms a boundary between district land and WFN land, perhaps the two governing bodies could cooperavte to rectify this problem.

Let’s get the house work done before we play with “beautifying projects”

C. Hodgkinson,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News