Letter: West Kelowna to drop DCCs for downtown area

Council is determined to build the “new” City Hall downtown and they want Westbank developed to improve the optics around it.

To the editor:

“I have a dream.”

A famous speech I believe being echoed by Mayor Doug Findlater and some District of West Kelowna council members.  They want to revitalize the “southern-most” section of West Kelowna, more commonly known as Westbank.

They are determined to build the “new” City Hall and Civic Centre in this area and they want the Westbank downtown core developed to improve the optics around it. Quite possibly they see this as their legacy.

One major obstacle. They want the rest of West Kelowna—the larger of the population bases—to pay for this beautification.

Council is eyeing cuts to development fees worth millions of dollars to lure prospective individuals, companies to develop their “dream.” They believe, the long-term economic benefits “m-i-g-h-t” compensate for the immediate financial implications  of lost revenue. Might!

Don’t be fooled, Westbank has always wanted to be the “tail” that wagged the dog, and it is being given that opportunity with the support of council.

David W. Kuhn,

West Kelowna


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