Letter: What about driving and cannabis?

Letter: What about driving and cannabis?

Kelowna letter-writer says politicians need to take notice

To the editor:

Amongst all this discussion about legalizing cannabis, I must wonder why the government hasn’t, to my knowledge, adopted a pro-active approach in dealing with the use of these intoxicating substances in motor vehicles. Online inquiries indicate that open containers of alcohol are prohibited in motor vehicles, whether in motion or parked.

Does it not follow that the consumption of cannabis in a motor vehicle, by driver or passengers, be prohibited? The odours are obvious and any police officer, upon stopping a vehicle, can identify this substance by a mere whiff. Whatever your opinions might be regarding the issue of legalization, can we really afford to not address consumption of this substance in motor vehicles?

Politicians reading this, please take notice. Lives are in your hands.

Bob Sherman, Kelowna

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