Letter: Why is developer trying to sway YES vote?

Why is the developer trying to sway our [West Kelowna city hall] votes to the YES side? … They own property they want to develop.

To the editor:

I read with interest Broc Braconnier’s letter to the editor in Friday, Sept. 9, Kelowna Capital News (YES Campaign Manager Vents Frustration).

His questions have been answered many times.

I have lived in West Kelowna since we moved into the Okanagan 30+ years ago. Since then I have watched the old Westbank Town Centre shrivel up and die. I have watched the WFN develop their lands with commercial properties, and even the WFN property is not fully occupied.

Then politicians got involved and forced a marriage upon us. The amalgamation of Westbank with Glenrosa, Shannon Lake, Lakeview Heights, West Kelowna Estates, Casa Loma and Rose Valley Estates was intended to be a blissful event in holy matrimony. It has been anything but.

The We Love Westbank supporters were overwhelmed with this new influx of tax dollars that would help re-establish their beloved town centre. Apparently many on city council support this strongly as well.

And they obviously do have support, the most vocal have been the Yes4Civic CentreCommittee, Mr. Ron Ganczer and Mr. Len Novakowski.

Now the developer has gotten involved (Mr. Rob Moyer the managing director of the Strategic Development Group wrote a letter into this paper — Sept, 9, 2016).

My question: Why is the developer trying to sway our votes to the YES side? Well, I think I know. And it has nothing to do with what’s best for our fledgling city. They own property they want to develop. I believe it’s all about economics. For them of course, not us the taxpayers.

Think before you cast your ballot. But vote.

David W. Kuhn, West Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News