Letter: Why we’re voting Green

Former Lake Country mayor writes that he is supporting the Green Party in BC Election

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Over the past 65 years, BC has a political history of swinging like a pendulum from Liberal/Social Credit “right” to the NDP “left”, back and forth, again and again.

Our province faces serious challenges that will not be addressed if we continue to swing back and forth from the extreme right to the extreme left. As a former mayor of Lake Country, I have experienced, from both the NDP and the Liberals, the frustration of having to repeatedly beg for our share of provincial revenues for projects that matter at the local level.

We need immediate action on climate change, homelessness, dysfunction in the health care system, an underfunded education system and an ever increasing disparity between the very wealthy and the rest of us. And while both mainstream parties pay lip service to aboriginal issues, neither the Liberals nor the NDP have taken meaningful steps to right historical wrongs or to ensure equal opportunity for a prosperous future for the peoples whose historical land we occupy.

The Green Party is the only party that has put forward a sincere, solid plan to change the way we elect our government to ensure that all voices are heard in the legislature. A careful look at their policies will show that they also support progressive social initiatives and true free enterprise which encourages small and medium business, where most new jobs are created, rather than big business in the form of international corporations.

We will vote Green on voting day.

Bob and Sharon McCoubrey, Lake Country