Letter: World is beating a path to our shores for oil

Not one of the protesters has…offered a lucid and alternative solution as to the marketing of a world-sought-after resource.

To the editor:

Ms. Varga’s letter in last Friday’s edition (Pipeline Decision by Feds Wrong Headed, June 20 Capital News) raised some interesting points with regard to climate change and the proposed Enbridge project.

Her comments seem to allude to a conspiracy theory involving the federal government and the Enbridge group and she evidently forecasts doom and gloom for the planet on a whole.

It should be noted that while the majority of Canadians are forced to watch the chanting, drum beating groups of protesters on the nightly newscasts, they are not allowed the same forum to express their opinions as to the viability and sustainability of resource export.

The pointed questions are avoided and artfully stick-handled by the reporters to sculpt an “Everyone is against this project” appearance. Not one of the protesters has stepped up to the camera and offered a lucid and alternative solution as to the marketing of a world-sought-after resource.

The Alberta tar sands have been oozing bitumen since time immortal, much the same as the La Brea tar pits in downtown Los Angeles. Do our rent-a-protestors seriously think the solution is to dump loads of dirt on it and tell it to go away?

Trepidation, fear and the “what if” factor are front and center when it comes to shipping oil in double hulled supertankers to waiting Asian markets that has the potential to reduce our tax load and increase Canada’s GDP. No problem though, that for decades, the costly oil we use now, comes in to our East and West Coast terminals in the same double hulled supertankers, supporting the lives of the rich and famous in Dubai, Kuwait, Iraq, etc.

But we cannot ship our oil to them? Who is behind and funding these protests? Methinks thou protests too much.

With responsible stewardship, quantum leaps in technology, metallurgy and Earth sciences, the project will be a winner and will greatly enhance our combined living standards and those of our children for decades to come. The only disappointment that I forecast is that of the protesters when the project is up and running without mishap or media event to focus on. They will need to find a new complaint concept—perhaps meteor showers?

As for our “irresponsible attitude towards climate change,” Canada is still rated as one of the most sought-after places to live. Industry does create emissions, the secret is to minimize them and reduce the effect on our environment.

The climate change alarmists need to stop looking at the world through a drinking straw perspective. In China, India, Russia millions walk about daily with breathing masks on due to their governments’ lack lustre approach to climate care. Why must Canada continue to be maligned and pilloried for this offshore irresponsibility?

On our side of the planet, the environmental alarmists would gain more respect if they would chastise Iceland for not doing something about its volcanoes, Hawaii and the Philippines too. It is on record that one week’s emissions from one volcano wipes out one year’s emissions from all the cars in North America and when it comes to climate change, the solution always seems to be another tax.

The majority of Canadian are not really silent on the above topics—they have been muzzled. The media must share in this responsibility and the complete Canadian perspective will never be gained until the pollsters start seeking the opinions of those who live outside of downtown Toronto and Vancouver.

Brian R. Mellis,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News