Letter: YES side moving ‘forward,’ NO side ‘backward’

I…believe we can be better, and that only happens when a solid majority will agree with me.

Open letters to West Kelowna voters:

We, as a community, voted in 2007 to incorporate and to have more autonomy by governing ourselves, rather than the previous regional district form of government.

We, as a community, voted in 2008, to rename our uniquely beautiful and diverse area West Kelowna.

All of our mayors and councils (our elected officials), since that time have worked diligently to plan and complete much needed Infrastructure which had been long neglected.

There have been old wounds festering in the minds of some, based on previous political decisions which I believe are no longer important, for it is time for all of us to let bygones be bygones and continue with the building of our community.

The thought of turning down our council’s recommendation to build a new city hall, and a considerable private investment in our historical and geographic centre, is unthinkable. It will only serve to create more uncertainty and to alienate our many beautiful neighbourhoods.

A NO vote will achieve nothing. We will still need a city hall, but when will it be built? Where will it be built? At what cost?

A YES vote will mean certainty, forward progress, and pride in our community, which has been sadly lacking.

I am extremely proud of our community, and believe we can be better, and that only happens when a solid majority will agree with me.

It is time to take off our Lakeview Heights, Westbank or Area G and Area H hats, and all don our West Kelowna hats and move forward.

Please join me and be builders of our community.

Let’s do it for our children and grandchildren.

NO means backward or reverse, YES means forward, or drive.

Vote YES for progress on Sept 17.

Peter Wannop, West Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News