Letters: At least the Whistler sled dogs got a burial

To the editor:

A store in our local mall had these post cards against the culling of the sled dogs in the not too distant past, and wanted me to sign it.

If it was done humanly there is nothing wrong about it, besides the mass burial of there carcasses. So be it.

My, my. We sure are easily led by the media and have such a narrow view point. What about all the thousands of animals just thrown into the land fills under the guise of the food industry? All these small animals just killed then processed for food.

If not reduced and sold before the expiry date placed on the packaging we throw it into the dump. Thousands of animals not even buried as the sled dogs were.

The discarded tonnage of little animals in to the landfills across our nation is disgraceful and wrong. Here we worry about 100 sled dogs and a mass burial. Are we so small minded?

Lets go back to that hockey, baseball, movie star, music, etc. More important. right?

Frank E De Smet,



Kelowna Capital News