Letters: B.C. voters compared to aimless lemmings

Each time a B.C. provincial election gets close, I am reminded of the lemmings of Alaska.

To the editor:

Each time a B.C. provincial election gets close, I am reminded of the lemmings of Alaska.

Every four years or so, these little furry rodents all run to a cliff and throw themselves into the Arctic Ocean in a mindless frenzy with no consideration of the consequence.

Research has found no logical reason for this action other than repetitious instinct.

Like the lemming, most of us run off to vote just because others are doing it, having no idea what we are doing except to exercise our right.

Like the lemming most of us fail to understand what our real duty is when casting a ballot, so we drown in our own ignorance unaware of the depth of responsibility and power we are given to do good in bettering our lives by removing that which damages us in favour of that which improves our lives if it is available or exists.

Before we decide to vote we should take a moment to consider the past performance of government.

How many promises have been broken and how many rights and privileges have disappeared.

What happened to free B.C. hydro power and low auto insurance, which is now a nightmare. We were promised a citizens assembly and an end to the tyranny of ICBC. The list goes on.

It seems to me that the provincial parties play a game with the public and each other for the next 4 years and nothing gets better or changes except the name of the government on parliament’s door in Victoria.

Is it just me or am I among the few who can see through the B.S. storm created by the political theatre every four years just to keep a very questionable system running in B.C.?

Is simply exercising the right to vote for its own sake more important than who we put into power over us??

It’s been said “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.” On the other hand, if you knowing put irresponsible and questionable government into power then spend the next four years complaining about it, how stupid is that?

The lesser of the evils is not an acceptable reason to vote.

Supporting a system that merely changes one elected dictatorship for another is futile, ideological idiocy and not democracy.

I, along with a few others, truly value the right to vote and understand the heavy responsibility in giving power only to those who truly deserve it or to  withhold that power if no one can be found who is worthy.

In conclusion, considering how the various governments have repeatedly betrayed the trust of the people of BC I am satisfied in the fact I for one have not been responsible for putting irresponsible people into power and I see no evidence that this will change under the current system.

Therefore in as much as I would like to vote; once again I see no value or logic in being part of the pointless B.C. lemming run.

Jack Bradcoe,




Kelowna Capital News