Letters: YES campaign manager vents frustration with NO side, media

Finally, just ask the NO group to do the public a favour: Be honest, stop distorting the facts—stick to the truth.

To the editor:

The newspapers have provided equal opportunities for both sides of the West Kelowna referendum debate to submit material related to their views on the Sept. 17 vote.

Admittedly the responsibilities for factual information rest with the authors while the paper remains neutral. However, there appears to be no real investigative reporting that tries to clarify some of the blatant unanswered questions that the group opposing the referendum cannot face: Questions that their own printed articles pose. Yet they seem to avoid answering even when asked directly.

Perhaps voters, plus reporters, should be aware of pertinent questions and:

•    Ask why a 2.6% fixed interest is not a good investment as a government backed mortgage?

•    Ask how have they arrived at a cost that the city hall can be built for less?

•    Ask them to explain how a simple three story wood frame building is a Taj Mahal?

•    Ask who among them has such financial expertise to accuse the city figures as being wrong?

•    Ask them if they actually followed and participated in the history of our becoming a city?

•    Ask when is the right time to build since they say it is not time to build a city hall?

•    Ask them to explain their city centre location if Elliot is not city centre ?

•    Ask them to identify  the city-owned property that can accommodate city hall with parking?

•    Ask if anyone within the group is a financial investor that would say this is a bad investment?

•    Finally just ask the NO group to  do the public a favour: Be honest, stop distorting the facts, stick to the truth.

Broc Braconnier,

campaign manager, Yes4CivicCentreCommittee,

City of West Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News