Liberals get cracking to not let NDP win

Having experienced two NDP fiascos (Barrett and Harcourt/Dosanjh/Clark) I am in no mood to go through it again.

Open letter to Ben Stewart, Liberal MLA for Westside-Kelowna:

Is it my imagination or is the government so “peed off” at British Columbians because the majority voted down the HST, that you are going to punish all of us by delivering us on a platter to the NDP at the next election.

It certainly feels that way.

Having experienced two NDP fiascos (Barrett and Harcourt/Dosanjh/Clark) I am in no mood to go through it again but it seems that Adrian Dix (leader of the NDP) sits on the sidelines with his smug expression while the government seems happy to push people in his direction, due to a complacent attitude toward our state of affairs.

I remember the mess that the NDP left behind 10 years ago and I give Gordon Campbell and the government full marks for getting us back on an even keel, but I am not convinced this government has the same commitment.

With current MLAs falling out of the next election like leaves in autumn, I really do feel concerned about the commitment to meet the challenge.

The NDP did a great job of almost driving this province into oblivion during their last term. In today’s current economic climate, B.C. cannot afford another fiasco with them.

There are many young British Columbians and new Canadians who will be voting for the first time. They need to know the facts about the NDP’s dismal track record but I don’t see any effort on your part to deliver the information which they need.

When the B.C. Lions were down 1-6 last year, Wally Buono was not wearing his “happy face” when discussing his strategy with the media. He motivated his team to do the job that they are paid to do. They are professionals and need to perform that way and they did.

I think it is time for the Premier to leave her “happy face” at home and start talking straight and tough about what our future holds. You are all paid well and you are business and political professionals. Do your job.

A good start would be the Enbridge pipeline. Get off the fence and let it be known that the Enbridge track record is not acceptable and unless they can demonstrate a better way of securing their product in transit, then it will not be supported by the B.C. government. If the Feds push it through, that is a whole new story but we need to make a stand now.

There are many British Columbians who want you to be successful in the next election but you are not giving us much meat to chew on. It seems when you finally take aim at something, it usually finishes up in your foot.

I really am on your side—not sure if you are on mine!

Barry Ellis,

West Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News