Long-term effects of smart meters could be devastating

Should we hold off on activating the smart meters until we know they are safe?

To the editor:

John D. Grant makes light of something far more serious than many of us would have imagined. (Smart Meters Test Jobs Plan, Feb. 8 Capital News.) Electromagnetic radiation and its health effects on the body are starting to get doctors’ and universities’ attention especially in the last few years.

A May, 2011 study published by Dr. Goldsworthy, states that autism has seen a 60-fold increase in recent years which only can be explained by changes in our environment. He says that even weak electromagnetic fields have been found to cause abnormal brain activity including hyperactivity, mood disorders, and anxiety especially in developing children.

In a January 2012 study at the University of Athens, 11 researchers found up to 143 different protein changes in the brain due to effects from microwave radiation. This was at exposures that were well below the International safety guidelines. “Important regions of the brain necessary for learning, memory and other functions of the mammalian brain were impacted by microwave radiation.”

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (www.dietrichklinghardtacadamy.com), a German doctor since 1975 who teaches at medical schools in Washington, has dedicated his life to helping people with chronic diseases with most of his patients seeing an average of 23 other doctors before coming to him. Most of his patients have lost their zest for living.

His patients have chronic infections, usually neurological diseases, which he believes are caused by man-made electromagnetic fields. He has known his patients before and after they had a smart meter installed.  Their Parkinson’s disease suddenly got worse or their Lyme disease. He believes smart meters are the cause, even worse than portable phones, cell towers or WiFi.

His research has proven to him that if pregnant mothers sleep in locations of high levels of electromagnetic radiation there is a very good possibility of their child being autistic. He has cured an eight year old autistic child by removing all sources of man-made radiation in the houses in which he lives. There are immediate results of electromagnetic radiation like inflammatory markers that go way up as well as the blood pressure becomes erratic. Dr. John Ott’s “dancing aphids” were due to this.

Whether we are aware of electromagnetic radiation or not, the untimely death of Madame Curie should remind us that unseen radiation, which most of us have no ability to measure, can have an effect on the human body.

Are our governing bodies being lobbied by the communication industry?

We all need to find out more about the health affects to the human body and brain especially. Should we hold off on activating the smart meters until we know they are safe?

Farlie Paynter,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News