Make your own choice of who to have on council

My deepest sympathy to the candidates “chosen” by the cabal.

To the editor:

My deepest sympathy to the candidates “chosen” by the  cabal: Zimmerman, Given, Gran, and Basran. How humiliating to be selected as the candidates most likely to cave in to developers and real estate interests and most likely to be unwilling to consult and be thoughtful about what’s best for the community as a whole.

It must be tough to be lumped in with those others ‘For Backwards Thinking’ (candidates) who seem to be rising from the embarrassing past when Kelowna, with its slum of strip malls and cancerous with gated communities, became the ugliest city in Canada to drive through.

How sad for you to be contrasted with the other group of four—Michele Rule, Kevin Craig, Charlie Hodge and Angela Reid-Nagy—whom the Four Change group are afraid of because they have the guts to stand up to Kelowna’s wealthy business interests.

It must be awful that you have been tarred with the same brush as those who want to go back to their nice and profitable crimes against community like silly skyscrapers and other ventures meant to channel cash into the wealthiest pockets.

My heart goes out to you guys, so publicly fingered by the Four‘Ka- Ching’ group, ‘ka-ching’ being the sound of a cash register drawer opening as the rich and the wannabe rich get ready to buy another batch of politicians.

Nancy Holmes,



Kelowna Capital News