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Voting called a moral responsibility for local citizens eligible to vote.

To the editor:

Just as parents are irresponsible when they don’t choose what is best for their child, citizens are irresponsible when they don’t vote.

This responsibility comes not from law, but from morality, the same laws that link parent and child link citizen and city.

In both situations one creates the other and must guide it to become the best it can be.

Parents and citizens have a responsibility inherent in their relationship to child and city, to do what they think is right, to choose what is best for their progeny.

Just as a child could not be born without his parents, a city owes its existence to its people.

Kelowna would cease to exist if it was not for us choosing to populate it.

And from that choice, from that action of creation, comes the responsibility to ensure it continues and grows to be happy and healthy.

That responsibility in our society is instituted in our right to vote.

If citizens do not vote, if they do not choose what they think is best for Kelowna they are just as irresponsible as someone who brings a child into this world and leaves it without guidance, without a guardian, without a future.

Parents that don’t do what is best for their children, who don’t care for them, don’t deserve to be parents and if we don’t vote, if we don’t care enough to choose what is best for our city we don’t deserve to be citizens.

On November 19, be responsible enough to vote, it’s not just a civic responsibility, it’s a moral one.

Scott Ross




Kelowna Capital News