Mission Hill winery’s expansion not the issue

The need for improved road to service the increase of traffic in the winery's neighbourhood shouldn't be set aside.

To the editor:

Much has been said about the development and expansion proposal of Mission Hill Winery.

There have been some implications that the area residents are against the proposal

However this is not so.

The area residents are not against the development.

They are against the totally inadequate capacity of the present road system to accommodate either the construction phase traffic or that which will be generated by the increased commercial traffic ensuing from the winery expansion.

A new access road can be constructed. But when asked, the presenters for the expansion said that it would be too costly.

If this is so then the residents are being asked to subsidize the winery expansion by the devaluation of their properties and the discomfort of the increased noise and traffic activity.

If it so important to the municipality and the winery then the municipality and/or the winery should pay the cost of a new access road.

Martin Wedepohl,

West Kelowna



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