Mobile home owners want to be in Manufactured Home Registry

We are writing to request…the Premier’s office…make an exception to a ruling of the Ministry of Finance.

Open Letter to Hon. Ben Stewart and Premier Christy Clark:

An election is currently underway in B.C. and there is an opportunity here for you and your party to prove to the voters that your government does, if fact, give seniors and disabled persons housing needs priority.

Your party has stated that it cares about the housing issue and especially how it affects seniors, the largest sector of the population.

We are writing to request an Order in Council from the Premier’s office for a certificate of approval from the Government of B.C. to make an exception to a ruling of the Ministry of Finance which prohibits us from registering our manufactured home in the Manufactured Home Registry (MHR). The Ministry of Finance refuses to allow our home into the MHR because the CSA number on our manufactured home has one number different from the CSA number they will accept.  (CSA Z241 is our number and CSA Z240 is what can be registered).

As far as we can discern, our home meets all the requirements of CSA Z240 but without a certificate of approval, the MHR will not register our home.

We are both on fixed income (disability and retirement pensions), and we are facing financial ruin because we can’t register our home. Without the registration number, we can’t get a mortgage, we can’t hire a realtor, and we can’t even declare bankruptcy because we cannot access the equity in our home. Without this registration number, we cannot pay our crushing debts resulting from increasing  medical expenses.

It costs the medical system much less to keep seniors in their own homes as long as possible.  The same goes for helping disabled people retain their independence.

You are our last hope, Hon. Ben Stewart. We are asking for you to put our case before Premier Christie Clark and ask for an exception to be made with the Ministry of Finance so that we can be registered in the Manufactured Home Registry and obtain a MHR number.

We do not want to join the ranks of homeless.

Michael Price and Myranda O’Byrne,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News