More left turn lights are needed along Harvey

To the editor:

To the editor:

People who go through red lights must pay $167 fine. I wonder why so many of us go through these red lights and why are there so many bad accidents at several traffic lights along Harvey?

#1. Every traffic light of every road crossing Harvey should and must have a directional left hand green arrow, both sides. No way can cars turn left with no green arrow. If they do—accidents can and do occur. I cannot for the life of me see why this has been this way over 14 years. Why do only certain traffic lights have the green arrow left turn signals, on the most busiest, most used road in Kelowna? Dumb!

#2. The existing traffic lights on most crossings with the green directional lights are not long enough. Timing them I find the majority are four to six seconds with three to four seconds on orange. In this short window four cars at most can turn left and two can turn on the orange legally, the other four or five turn on red. They continue to turn on the red because they are frustrated and angry with the outdated traffic lights that are in this city. Ridiculous.

How many times have I sat in my car at Spall and Harvey (no directional green arrow), sixth car back, and had to wait another three minutes to catch the next light? How many times have I sat fuming when the green directional light turns green and the car or two in front of me waste two or three seconds getting their ass in gear.

The directional lights need to be 15 seconds or more at some locations.

Wayne Harris,


Kelowna Capital News