More tax dollars for H2O centre mural shows it’s time for change on city council

Re: H2O Centre Wall in Line for $200,000 Artistic Facelift, Nov. 10 Capital News.

To the editor:

Re: H2O Centre Wall in Line for $200,000 Artistic Facelift, Nov. 10 Capital News.

I can’t believe that our present council, just before an election, would approve an additional $100,000 for a mural that they do not know what it will even look like, at a time when everyone is talking restraint.

My understanding is that three of the council members voted against the increase, and six of the council members voted for the $100,000 increase.

So let’s get this right: For $200,000, and the mural lasts say for 100 years, then it will only cost the taxpayers $2,000 a year. But if the building only lasts 50 years, then the mural will cost $4,000 per year.

I’m a senior, live in Rutland, and I guess I won’t be around much longer to look at this mural, for whatever it is supposed to represent. It’s hard to believe that these six councilors have no idea what this mural is going to even look like.

But I have a solution. Let the six of them who voted to spend our taxpayer money, give up their salary for the past year, and pay for the mural out of their own pocket. Then the mural could include the faces of the six councilors. Wouldn’t that be great? They might even get a tax receipt for their donation. Heaven forbid.

It’s really time for changes at City Hall. I’m sure out of 40 people running we can find eight that are qualified, and have some common sense. Because these six councilors who voted to spend an additional $100,000 on a stupid mural, don’t have any common sense and should not be re-elected.

It’s not their money, and they don’t care. It’s our money and we taxpayers should care.

It’s time for a change. Let’s get out and vote and get rid of these bums.

Ted Hauptman,



Kelowna Capital News