Moved here to escape concrete canyons

Looks like the 10 business people behind elected their mayor of choice and three out of four councillors

To the editor:

Looks like the 10 business people making up the deep pockets behind elected their mayor (Walter Gray) of choice and three out of four councillors (Gerry Zimmerman, Gail Given, Colin Basran) they also financed.

I’ll be interested to see the campaign contribution disclosure statements these folks must legally file.

These election results, and how those results were financed and obtained, are an interesting and valuable lesson for the elections in November 2014.

Footnote: If they’re smart the next equivalent of FourChange—only this time with a different name like the Kelowna Peoples Party funded by other people without the vested financial interest in the outcome—should start campaigning now (and make better use of electronic and social media). They should document every questionable decision made by the FourChange people elected and list those on their web site paying particular attention to following the money.

Looks like CD-21 is a certainty and downtown becomes 30 to 40 storey highrises, concrete, glass and steel canyons—not my vision of where I want to live: New York City, London, UK, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal—been there done that.

I really fear for the future of this city that I chose to relocated to in 2003 from the Lower Mainland.

Rick Simpson,



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