Mute button wearing down

To the editor:

To the editor:

Thank you very much, Charlie Hodge, for your comments in the Jan. 16 Capital News.

I completely agree that the majority of trash television was largely reserved for daylight soaps.

Each time I watch TV (normally around supper time), I am astounded by how very commercial it has all become. Consequently our “Blab Off” is used so often we have discovered that it now pays us to buy “re-chargeable batteries” since they are in such constant use.

And why is the news called “The News,” when very often it is merely an exact repeat of what only yesterday was “the news?” And the cheap, junky advertisements are, of course, repeated right there along with the repeated news.

But what a relief to watch the few public television channels. Not only are they commercial-free, but also the content is so often educational, humorous and therefore downright watchable.

Perhaps the only advantage of TV as it is now presented, is it does provide an easy list of those companies and their products from which we try to avoid buying whenever possible.

Mike Cotton,

West Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News