Not out of pocket? Are you kidding?

I take umbrage with the news that the taxpayers would not be out of pocket for the situation at the new Westside Road overpass.

To the editor:

I take umbrage with the CHBC-TV newscast Monday night when the newscaster said that the taxpayers would not be out of pocket for the situation at the new Westside Road overpass because it’s still under warranty.

Does anyone realize just how much this has disrupted all of our lives on the Westside? How much it’s costing? How much gasoline we burn in two or three hours waiting to cross each way?

Not to mention the other economic damage its doing to our economy not just local, but province-wide. (Sorry, Christy, I can’t make an argument for it having an impact on China, which is getting far more of your attention than our plight in the Central Okanagan! Are you aware of it?)

Traffic has been backed up for two and three hours!

That this happened within three weeks of the official opening is scandalous and demands a full provincial investigation.

Maybe I missed them, but I neither saw nor heard immediately on the scene from anyone in the Transportation Ministry, my local MLA, our local MP, our local mayor—where are the folks who are being paid and ought to be at the forefront of any catastrophe—and this is a catastrophe. (Thankfully, there was no loss of life.) They should have been on the spot immediately and if not providing some answers, demanding them.

How many more years will we have to wait to get out of traffic chaos? The underpass at Nancee Way is superfluous to the new overpass just down the road, and yet that construction is about to start and we’ll have another year of turmoil.

I think, like most folks living with this “inconvenience,” we’re fed up with being taken for granted by all levels of government who seem to think that we’ll continue to just accept the fact that we don’t seem to matter.


Steven Tuck, West Kelowna



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