Nuts & bolts of West Kelowna marine park land swap

To the editor:

To the editor:

Re: The (West Kelowna proposed) land swap—a new proposal has been made and, without going into too much detail, lets get to the important points.

We have a 50-foot lake access and, we have an offer to trade it for a 75-foot lake frontage.

So, we get 50 per cent more than we are giving.

Marina Park is easy to find. To find the Whitworth Road/George Court land is somewhat more difficult.

The 180 degree view at Marina Park is very good.

It is not equally good at the Whitworth Road end—the northern property line of the land offered looks at Marina Park and southward at a small house with about a four-foot high fence.

Our 50-ft road end is bordered by a six-ft high block wall to the south, a slightly lower wooden fence to the north and larger houses on both sides. These walls will most definitely remain—not nice to look at.

The 75-ft. frontage can give us an additional eight parking stalls. The 50-ft. wide access, naturally, fewer.

At Marina Park we have public washrooms; at the Whitworth access a washroom will need to be installed.

Picture the view of a washroom on that 50-ft. strip of land. It would be costly and not attractive.

And then there is one more important point to consider: Many of our northern West Kelowna residents do not really get the full benefit and pleasure out of what happens in the Gellatly Bay area but, certainly, the new offer now, with a 25-ft. net gain of lakeshore property plus $800,000 that will strengthen our financial situation—this will benefit us all.

Therefore, I believe, we should go ahead with the land swap.

John Andersen,

West Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News