Occupy Movement needs to be heard

Kelowna protest participant says wave of activism emerged out of concern for future generations.

To the editor:

I’m not one who normally takes part in protest demonstrations. But on Saturday, Oct. 15, I did because I felt the cause was very important. And that is the inequity of our current economic system.

Some years ago, the G20 countries made a promise to work towards eliminating poverty in the world. Well years later, what we have is the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. More people continue to slip into the poor category as time goes by.

Even here in Kelowna, in the past year we had an increase of 20 per cent in the demand at the food bank.

And for those who believe in the trickle down system, well that trickle isn’t even a drip now. In fact, it’s more like the reverse—the flow going from the bottom to bolster the greed on top.

My biggest concern is for the future generations. I myself am a descendant of slaves. And I know of the sacrifices and extreme hardships my grandparents endured, not only for their own freedom but mostly for their future generations, like myself.

And while I don’t believe that the future will regress back to what my grandparents’ generation experienced, on the income side, it can regress if the system doesn’t change. So I ask the present generation to speak out, to do whatever is needed to make sure that this does not happen. We owe that to the future generations.


Orest Swintak, Kelowna



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