Ode to greed and apathy

Has that deal been signed with China; what on earth can someone say? Please follow this persuasion; bury apathy today.

I’m getting on for ninety

thats a fair amount of years

Political decisions

have confounded my worst fears

Hopeful faith in government

has fled while getting old

While my beloved country

sod-by-sod is being sold

Environmental causes

which we need to keep alive

Are cut in all directions

by harpers C-45

Diminish our best thinkers

so departments have no teeth

Smells less like country-building

than a lot of greed beneath

Seems so many agencies

do operate on this creed

‘Grab anything that we could want’

never not just what we need

Our ‘original’ people

were loud with Idle No More

But apathy surrounds us

while they sell our lands offshore

Location of this pipeline

that seems open for dispute

But foul the Douglas Channel

its ruin is absolute

So do our own refining

and we plant the pipe elsewhere

Then brag about employment

and still have a world to share

Has that deal been signed with China

what on earth can someone say?

Please follow this persuasion

Bury apathy today.

Joy Lambrick, Kelowna



Kelowna Capital News