Owners: Take off blinkers to see your own dog

“Everybody loves Chompy, what’s your problem?” “Don’t worry about Fluffy, she’ll just lick you to death.”

To the editor:

“Everybody loves Chompy, what’s your problem?” “Don’t worry about Fluffy, she’ll just lick you to death.”

These are just a couple (out of thousands) of comments made by the dog-owning public every day. The problem is, it’s not the dog but the owner.

Recently there have been two major dog attacks, one very serious, resulting in almost 50 stitches. Both dogs were destroyed yet it still begs the question, how did these vicious attacks occur?

Postal workers, those street walkers and drivers delivering to your community mail boxes and homes, facing blinding heat that melts soles off shoes to freezing cold that results in faces sliding off due to frostbite, have many challenges to get ’er done every day. The least of it is dogs.

All we ask is for you, the responsible dog owner, to restrain your animals, take responsibility for any actions it does. Dogs, no matter what breed or mix, are different animals when the owner is absent. They are protective, aggressive and stubborn. They will charge barking or becoming silent missiles of teeth.

Every attack is unique, I’ll concede that, but the common denominator or thread is unrestrained animals.

As a letter carrier all I ask, is for you to restrain your dog—leash it, fence it, whatever—we will deliver up to 8 p.m. I promise not to feed it treats if you promise that it won’t kill me or try to. This is not the dog’s fault.  It falls squarely on the owner’s shoulders, no and’s, if’s, or but’s.

Wait for your mail before allowing Fluffy to run free in your front yard and keep dogs away from us when we’re trying to complete our job.

The crack in the fence to the dog flying out the front door to meet the mailman, all results, in most cases, to physical and psychological damage that takes sometimes years to recover from.

Dawn Klappe, president,

CUPW Kelowna Local 760

Kelowna Capital News