People should be focus of new city council

During the civic election there was a lot of rhetoric that Kelowna needs more development.

To the editor:

During the civic election there was a lot of rhetoric that Kelowna needs more development.

Countering this in her farewell speech, Sharon Shepherd urged the three re-elected councillors not to concentrate on buildings and development. She passionately stated that our community’s most important asset is its people.

Shepherd is correct. The true measure of a community is its humaneness, sense of place through heritage and community togetherness etc. Unfortunately, this is undermined and sacrificed by the business materialists and their new council measuring and idolizing everything in terms of cold, hard, dehumanizing profit.

In addition to less emphasis on development and business greed, the new council should be striving for greater harmony with supreme nature. Failure to limit all development and growth to nature’s finite carry capacity results in nature’s revenge. For example, the pine beetle plague overconsumes nature’s food supply, resulting in beetle die-off. Similarly, nature’s revenge will eventually wipe out Kelowna’s development and growth plague leaving Kelowna depleted, polluted and unlivable.

Clearly, pushing endless development and growth is suicide. So, limiting development and growth to nature’s carrying capacity or tipping point should be the main principle in the Official Community Plan and in all city development and growth decisions.

Unfortunately, our city councils haven’t operated too brightly. It took 20 years for councils’ bulbs to brighten enough for them to learn the phrase “environmental sustainability.” At the current speed of intellectual awakening, it will likely take 100 years for them to learn and conform to “nature’s finite carrying capacity.”

Alas, by that time Kelowna will likely have become uninhabitable, like the moon.

Recently, the mayor stated that at the age of 71 he finally has wisdom. What wisdom? He zealously promotes increasing development and exponential growth in the finite area of planet earth called Kelowna. So, after 71 years if he still hasn’t figured out that the city can’t exceed nature’s limits to growth then he doesn’t have wisdom and shouldn’t be mayor.

After winning the election, our new mayor stated, “we can finally move Kelowna forward.” Who is “we”? Is it the dysfunctional Chamber and developer network? Move Kelowna how? In the backward laissez-faire direction of reducing Kelowna and the public’s natural assets to the level of a commodity with all of it auctioned off to the highest bidder? When the mayor opens Kelowna’s doors in the business sale and plunder of Kelowna will he again rally the business entourage with his famous profit cheer, “grab the brass ring”?

Caution, fellow citizens; fasten your seat belts and pray. With the lost FourChange business group acting as navigator and our pro-business council blindly driving Kelowna into its wild laissez-faire heaven, we are headed for a bumpy and costly crash-and-burn ride.

Robert Cichocki,



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