Plan for City Park: No more pavement

Kelowna's City Park does not need a tourism multi-use building, parking stalls and more roads.

To the editor:

The City Park in the City of Kelowna has all the attributes of being a world class place for our residents and visitors to our beautiful city. There are some recognized “great parks” in many cities and I hope that we will acclaim to that possibility.

Plans are being developed for the Kelowna City Park and I hope that it will be designed to be suitable for all ages. If it is suitable for children to seniors then it will be suitable for everyone!

Some principles that are usually considered when designing parks include the following: Atmosphere, cleanliness, food aroma, safety, and outstanding experience.

A great design can separate those parks that “are used” to those that are “not used.” Those used in our community include those for outdoor recreation (including lawn bowling), children playgrounds, skateboarding, dog parks and spaces with community gardens.

Incorporating the Veendam gardens with the cenotaph should continue as part of the vision with expansion of sculptured gardens and xeriscape (water-smart) plantings unique to our valley.

In Project for Public Spaces there is a dedicated planning approach that transforms and inspires changes in communities. This method has identified four considerations in what makes a successful place. These include:

• being accessible and walkable

• having people engaged in activities

• being a clean and safe place with many seating areas and innovative lights and finally

• being a social place.

The park should be a place that each of us will want to bring our family and friends. A large adventure playground would enhance our image of being a child-friendly community and bring economic benefit and interest to Kelowna. This would encourage our children to have creativity and an opportunity to explore the natural environment. Mazes for all ages could be part of the plan.

The discussion of   do not denote a vision or an identity for a beautiful park image. We do not need to pave over more green space.

Sharon Shepherd,



Kelowna Capital News